2006-2010 Alumni


Edward Kwee, BE'10, won the College of Engineering 2009 Co-op Student of the Year award for his work with the Musculoskeletal Transplant Foundation.  Students are nominated for this award by their supervisors, for "demonstrating leadership, initiative and innovation" in their co-op position.  While at Cornell, he has obtained tissue engineering research experience in the Bonassar Lab, and received an Engineering Learning Initiatives UG Research Grant  allowing him to work in the Tan lab on biomineralized surfaces functioning as non-viral DNA delivery systems. Edward plans to attend Case Western Reserve University in their Biomedical Engineering PhD program. [BE, minors: Biomedical Engineering, Engineering Management, Southeast Asian Studies, CoE]

Tracy Cheung

Tracy Cheung, BE'10, is a member of the Cornell University Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (CUAUV) Team that earned first place in the 12th annual competition in San Diego, August, 2009. Tracy also received a 1st place win in the IBE Research Poster contest at the association's annual meeting gin Santa Clara, CA, Spring 2009. Tracy's poster nabbed 2nd place at Cornell's IBE student chapter's 7th annual BioEXPO, March, 2009. Her poster is titled "BAEC proliferation on variably compliant polyacrylamide gels" (Tracy's research was done with the Dept of Biomedical Engineering). She received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and will be attending the Biomedical Engineering PhD program at Duke University [BE, concentration: Biomedical Engineering, CoE]

Matt Conlon

Matt Conlon, BE'10, has received a CALS 2010 Academic Excellence Award. Matt has been very active working with Cornell Outdoor Education; helping students with teamwork development at the challenge course, leading pre-orientation trips for incoming freshman and teaching physical education courses.  He served as webmaster for the Ho-Nun-De-Kah Honor Society, and worked as a tutor and mentor for Boynton Middle School-ers, Costa Rican Sophomores and at-risk teens in Lake Placid, NY.  He also went on a service trip to Costa Rica where he taught about composting. He graduated in seven semesters, was on the dean's list for all seven, and was recognized in CS 2110 with the Grand Prize for Best Final Project Enhancement. [BE, Concentration: Bioprocess engineering, CALS]

Allison Danner

Allison Danner, EnvE'10, was featured in the College of Engineering Magazine article, Green with EnvE, on the accreditation of Cornell's EnvE degree.  She chose environmental engineering because "... I wanted to learn both the science to understand the natural world and the environmental issues we face, as well as the technical skills to be able to find solutions to the problems". [Double Major: EnvE-CE, CALS]

Vanish Grover

Vanish Grover, EnvE'10, is President of the AguaClara Club, also contributing work to research on chlorine flow controllers with the Honduran water treatment plant project. He is also the "B" Vice President of the Delta Chi Fraternity.  He has volunteered with Cornell's Solar Decathlon and the Engineering Ambassador's program. He has had research assignments with the Cornell College of Veterinary Science, the Davisson Lab, and Weill Cornell medical College.  He won a College of Engineering 2009 Distinguished Honor award for his coop work with Woodard & Curran.  Vanish is planning to attend Law School at NYU. [EnvE, CALS]

Jason Inzana

Jason Inzana, BE'10, was named to the ESPN The Magazine/CoSIDA Academic All-District I First Team in men's track and field and cross country.  Jason has concluded his pole vaulting career ranking 6th on Cornell's all-time list.  Jason was inducted into the Cornell Athletic Department's 400 Club for Fall 2009.  The 400 Club is for student athletes who have achieved a 4.0 grade point average while participating in varsity sports. [BE, minor: Biomedical Engineering, CALS]

Stephen Linderman

Stephen Linderman, BE'10, is a Rawlings Presidential Research Scholar from Rome, N.Y.  He is a 2010 Merrill Presidential Scholar and honored BEE Professor Kifle Gebremedhin as the "Cornell professor most influential in his development".  He was also named a 2009 Goldwater Scholar. He is working with the DeLisa Research Group at Cornell to develop and use a reporter system that correlates protein interactions to growth on ampicillin and to characterize and engineer protein-protein interactions.  He is the administrative director and sings bass in the a cappella group, The Class Notes. He is a member of the National Scholars Honor Society, the Golden Key International Honor Society, and was a 2008 recipient of Cornell's Greek Scholars of the Year Award. He has received a prestigious Churchill Scholarship, which allows him to go to Cambridge university for a year of graduate study. [BE, Concentration: Biomedical, CALS]

Brian Macpherson

Brian Macpherson, EnvE'10, was featured in the College of Engineering Magazine article, Green with EnvE, on the accreditation of Cornell's EnvE degree. [EnvE, CALS]

Francine Mitto

Francine Mitto, BE'10, is the President of the Cornell Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers. She is also active as a team member in Cornell's  Biofuels Technology Assessment & Industrial Ecology Design Project Team, working on biofuels development, and as a team leader on Cornell's AguaClara Research Team, using MathCAD to retrofit the dose controller design and execute experiments to recreate conditions in the AguaClara water treatment plants in Honduras. She has worked as a computer lab operator since coming to Cornell, and is a TA for BEE 3299 Sustainable Development. [BE, concentration: Bioenvironmental engineering, CoE]

Hyeongsu Park

Hyeongsu Park, BE'10, has been chosen as a 2010 Merrill Scholar. He has honored BEE Professor Dan Luo as the "Cornell professor most influential in his development".  He is ranked #1 in the College of Engineering Class of 2010. He is a DNA Hydrogel Research assistant in the Luo Lab, and is coauthor of a paper, "Photocrosslinked DNA nanospheres for drug delivery". He is President of the Cornell Undergraduate Korean Church, and sings tenor in the a cappella group, Last Call. He has been a TA and grader for BEE 3500 Biological and Bioenvironmental Transport Processes and BEE4530 Computer-Aided Engineering: Applications to Biomedical Processes since Fall 2009. [BE, CoE]

Jessica Wind

Jessica Wind, BE'10, is taking two minors and manages Cornell's football team.  She worked as a summer intern for Johnson & Johnson.  She is a Golden Key International Honor Society member, and participates in the CUEmpowers mentoring program, the Engineering Peer Advisor program, and various Hillel events and programs. [BE, Concentration: Biomedical, Minor: Business, CoE]

Lauren Dugard

Lauren Dugard, BE'09, spent her junior and senior years working in Professor Antje Baeumner's Bioanalytical Microsystems & Biosensors lab.  She will be joining Johnson&Johnson's internship program after graduation, taking her first assignment in Puerto Rico. Lauren's research project was entitled "Adhesive contact printing for PMMA and glass in biosensing Microfluidic devices". [BE, CoE]

Carli Flynn

Carli Flynn

Carli Flynn


Carli Flynn, BE/EnvE'09, has pursued many interests in her time at Cornell; such as sustainable engineering, animal activism, and Spanish theater performances.  She spent her entire junior year abroad in Santander, Spain with the first year of College of Engineering's Cornell-Cantabria exchange. She also went to Chiapas, Mexico with IARD 4010 which "taught me more in two weeks than any other class at Cornell".  Carli had a paper published in The Triple Helix (The International Journal of Science, Society , and Law), "Factory Farms and the Environmental and Health Consequences".  Carli plans to go to graduate school at Carnegie Mellon studying Civil and Environmental Engineering. [BE/EnvE double major, concentration: Bioenvironmental Engineering, CoE]

Moshe (Evan) Gorin

Moshe (Evan) Gorin, BE'09, received a CALS 2009 Academic Excellence Award.  He is a Rawlings Presidential Research Scholar who did his work on Modeling of Cyclin E in Professor John March's Metabolic and Signal Engineering Lab. [BE, CALS]

Scott Hayes

Scott Hayes, BE'09, sings baritone in Cornell's a cappella group, Class Notes. He also has spent his junior and senior years working in Professor Antje Baeumner's Bioanalytical Microsystems & Biosensors lab. [BE, concentration: Biomedical Engineering, CoE]

Tara Holter

Tara Holter, BE'09, was co-chair of the Engineering Ambassadors this year, and is a member of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society.  She spent her junior and senior years working in Professor Antje Baeumner's Bioanalytical Microsystems & Biosensors lab. Tara will be attending medical school at SUNY Upstate Medical College after graduation. [BE, concentrations: Bioprocess, Biomedical, CoE]

Ben Pen Jui Hung

Ben Pen Jui Hung, BE'09, has distinguished himself during his Cornell experience with research.  His work, with the Department of Biomedical Engineering, is on chondrocyte and mesenchymal stem cell adhesion to cartilage.  He has two publications in conference proceedings. Not content with staying in the lab, Ben has also collected impressive teaching experience, as a teaching assistant in Biochemistry, Computer Science, and Heat/Mass Transfer, as well as with the CoE's Academic Excellence Workshops in Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations, and Linear Algebra. [BE, concentration: Biomedical Engineering, CoE]

Becky Katz

Becky Katz

Becky Katz


Becky Katz, BE/EnvE'09, has taken advantage of numerous opportunities, including an engineering COOP at Woodard & Curran, research in Cornell's Zinder Anaerobic Microbial Lab, and Tongoarrio National Park in Taupo, New Zealand. Becky has also taken part in Alternative Spring Breaks; volunteering in NYC at a homeless shelter, volunteering with SewGreen, an Ithaca group encouraging sustainability through fashion, and working with AquaClara, a CEE design team working on water treatment plants for towns in Honduras. Becky will be going to graduate school at KAUST in Saudi Arabia.  Becky states "opportunities have presented themselves to me because of Cornell's incredible research and connections". [BE/EnvE double major, concentration: Bioenvironmental Engineering, CALS]

Colette Kopon

Colette Kopon, BE'09, has served as president of the CUWinds ensemble group this year.  She has been to Costa Rica twice on music/service tours, bringing donated instruments and providing musical instruction and performances for 'high-need' areas.  Another service project Colette helps with is 'service through music ambitions' to an Ithaca school and one in Philadelphia. Colette performs on the euphonium, which looks like a small tuba and sounds similar to a french horn or trombone.  Colette took one semester of Study Abroad in Perugia, Italy, and speaks fluent Italian. Rounding out her Cornell experience is research work, with the AguaClara program in CEE and with BEE Professor Beth Ahner on ligands produced by certain types of algae that bind heavy metals. Colette is a counselor with the Empathy, Assistance & Referral Service for students (EARS), and took Wilderness Reflections Guide Training. Colette is an Engineering Global Fellow. Colette will be teaching High School math after graduation. [BE, concentration: Bioprocess Engineering, CALS]

Konstantin Kovtun

Konstantin Kovtun, BE'09, is a founding member of the Cornell Student Society for Public Health, an organization created to discuss and promote awareness about healthcare infrastructure issues and epidemiological trends that are affecting countries around the world. He currently serves as Technology Secretary for the group. Konstantin found a home at Cornell after his program at Tulane University, New Orleans, was displaced due to Hurricane Katrina. He did a coop at Merck and an Internship at Genzyme Corporation, including collaborating on an industry publication. He has taken courses at Tulane, Tufts, and Harvard, and speaks fluent Russian. Konstantin is planning to attend medical school at Harvard. [BE, concentration: Biomedical, CoE]

Julie Leviter

Julie Leviter, BE'09, is the deserving recipient of a 2009 Merrill Presidential Scholars Program Award. Merrill Scholars are graduating Cornell seniors who have demonstrated outstanding scholastic achievement, strong leadership ability, and the potential for contributing to society.  Merrill Scholars are asked to recognize the Cornell faculty member who most significantly contributed to their college experience, and Julie has selected BEE Professor Mike Walter for that honor. Julie studied abroad for one semester in Edinburgh, Scotland, and completed internships at L'Oreal and the NIH.  She has been doing research in BEE in the Baeumner lab and is a TA. Julie has also taken advantage of many extracurricular activities, including a part in the Cornell production 'Mass' at the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts and spending Spring Break 2008 working in New Orleans on a Katrina relief effort. Julie is planning to attend medical school at Weill-Cornell. [BE, concentration: Biomedical Engineering, CoE]

Stacey Ohara

Stacey Ohara and Cornell Gymnastics Team

Stacey Ohara


Stacey Ohara, BETech'09, became Cornell's first-ever USAG individual national champion on beam with a superb 9.850 score at the 2009 USA Gymnastics Women's Collegiate Championships.  Stacey also received "Cornell Athlete of the Week" honors. [Biological Engineering Technology, Minor: Business, CALS]

Naweed Paya

Naweed Paya, BE'09, founded the Cornell Journal of Undergraduate Research, featuring scientific publications from undergraduates doing original research in various departments across the university (Naweed is currently serving as president for the journal). The journal includes peer-review by the faculty members in the department related to that research.  Naweed also started the project team Genetically Engineered Machines.  The team will be completing a synthetic biology project and participate in the annual international Genetically Engineered Machines (iGEM) competition. Naweed is also Co-president of Cornell's IBE Chapter, and was very involved with this year's BioExpo.  Naweed will be working on his Master of Engineering in Systems Engineering at Cornell after graduation. [BE/ECE double major, concentration: Biomedical, CoE]

Nadia Siles

Nadia Siles, BE'09, as director of corporate affairs for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, raised $10,000 to help send engineering students to conferences. Her work did not stop there, however, as she performed research with the Solar Oven Team in Ocotal, Nicaragua and CEE's AquaClara program, interned at UW-Madison, studied abroad in Spain, and was Editor-in-Chief of the La Lucha school newspaper (La Associacion Latina) for two years. [BE, CoE]

Alexander Veach

Alexander Veach, BE'09, (pictured, right) is highlighted in the Winter 2011 Ezra Magazines article, Enterprising Alums: Enablers of the app economy

Sarah Villarreal

Sarah Villarreal, BE'09, has done community service with the Society of Women Engineers, the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, Loaves and Fishes, Encouraging Young Engineering Students, CUEmpower and Engineering Ambassadors. Sarah's research experience includes in the Varner lab, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and the Kochian lab in Plant Nutrition.  Sarah was on the Dean's List for three semesters.  Sarah is planning to go on to medical school after a year of research. [BE, concentration: Biomedical, CoE]

Jason Kahn

Jason Kahn, BE'08, is working on his PhD in Biological Engineering in Professor Dan Luo's lab.  Jason was a 2008 Merrill Scholar, honoring Professor Luo as the Cornell Professor most influential in his development". [BE, CALS]

Floris van Breugel

Floris van Breugel, BE'08, is working on his PhD in Control and Dynamical Systems at Caltech.  He is an amazing photographer, see some of his work here, including articles for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology: http://www.artinnaturephotography.com/.  Floris was a Presidential Research Scholar, working in Hod Lipson's lab on a flapping wing vehicle.  See the Cornell Chronicle story, Flap like a butterfly, hover like a bumblebee: Student's flapping wing vehicle is more stable than a helicopter  and the CALS News story, BEE Junior Creates a Hovering Ornithopter, and How do we design and make robots that can mimic every aspect of nature?  Floris was a 2008 Merrill Scholar, honoring MAE Professor Hod Lipson as the Cornell professor who most influenced his development.

Elana Fisher

Received an honorable mention in the IBE Bioethics Essay Contest for Students. Elana's subject was "The Ethics of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research".

Prisca Grace

Prisca Grace is a Class of 2007 Banner Bearer. Prisca has also received the Academic Excellence Award and was awarded a full tuition fellowship for an M.Eng. through CoE.

Jan Ma

Jan Ma

Jan Ma


Took 1st place in the IBE Undergraduate Poster contest with "Kinetic and Efficacy Analysis of RNA Interference in Stably and Transiently Expressing Cell Lines" covering research she is doing with Prof. Putnam in Biomedical Engineering.

Gwen Owen

Gwen Owens

Gwen Owen


Received an honorable mention in the IBE Bioethics Essay Contest for Students. Gwen's subject was "Ethics of Human Experimentation".

Shannon Wheeler

Shannon won 1st place in the IBE Bioethics Essay Contest for Students. Her subject was "Perceptions of the Public: The Morals of Sharing our Motives as Bioengineers"

Andrea Ippolito

Andrea Ippolito, BE'06, won the 2006 Engineering UG Poster contest and received and MEng from BME in 2007. [BE, CALS]

Virginia Woods

Virginia Woods, BE'06, won a Whitaker International Fellowship, which gives her support for one academic year at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering at the Imperial College in England. [BE, Concentration: Biomedical, CoE]