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Biological and Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Majors

Students enter the engineering program via one of two pathways

  1. They may enroll with the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences directly to the BE major or EnvE major as freshman.
  2. Or they may enroll with the College of Engineering and affiliate with the BE or EnvE major before the end of their sophomore year.
Undergrad Study

The graduation requirements are the same for all the students regardless of the college in which they enter.

Transfer students

Transfer students may apply to the BE or EnvE major through either college. The academic expectations and award of transfer credit in these ABET-Accredited engineering programs follow the guidelines set forth by the Engineering College, and prospective applicants should review the Engineering transfer web site for detailed information.

Engineering math transfer credit is determined by the Cornell mathematics department and transfer students must submit their previous math coursework.

Award of Advanced Placement credit is completed according to the rules of the Engineering college

Transfer students are encouraged to apply to enter as sophomores because some of our second year requirements do not have equivalents at most other institutions.