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Faculty Lab and Research Sites

Ahner Lab

Ahner Lab

Ahner Lab research in environmental biotechnology explores how organisms adapt to trace metal stress in the environment and how they in turn influence the form of metals in the environment -  for example how plants solubilize, take up, detoxify and sequester metals.

wind turbines

Anderson Lab 

The Anderson Lab investigates operational methods for more effective use and integration of renewable energy. 




This course is intended to give a thorough coverage of the engineering design, operation, and management of water reuse systems for finfish (limited coverage of indoor shrimp production).



Biofluidics Lab

We are interested in understanding fundamental principles that nature uses to build and control living systems at micrometer scales, in particular through their interactions with fluids.

Cornell Local Roads

Cornell Local Roads Program

The Cornell Local Roads Program LTAP Center provides training, technical assistance, and information to municipal officials and employees responsible for the maintenance, construction, and management of local highways and bridges in New York State.

Datta Lab Website

Datta Lab

Our research and teaching program are built around the application of transport phenomena (e.g., energy and water transport, fluid flow) in biological processes in an effort to better understand their complexities with the intent of improving them through optimization. 

Ecohydrology Group

Ecohydrology Group

Our work focuses largely on understanding interactions between physical hydrology and ecosystems, with the ultimate goal of developing better strategies for protecting water quality and the "natural" environment.

Hess Lab

Hess Lab

Understanding atmospheric chemistry within the context of the earth’s climate system.

Lou Lab

Lou Lab

Nucleic acids play a critical role in living organisms as the carriers of genetic information. Our research focuses on using DNA and RNA as both generic and genetic materials.

Ma Lab

Ma Lab

We are interested in using the concept of “cell packaging” to solve some of the toughest problems in the biomedical world. We develop novel biomaterials and engineering approaches to pack live things ranging from single cancer stem cells to multi-cellular organisms for both diagnostic and therapeutic applications.


March Lab

This site is intended to tell you more about our research in metabolic and signal engineering. Signaling is how cells communicate with one another and with the world around them.

Soil and Lab site

Soil & Water Lab

Our broad mission is to improve the understanding of physical, chemical, and biological processes related to water flow with the ultimate goal of improving and protecting water resources and ecological systems.

Steinschneider Lab

The broad goal of our research is to provide decision-centric information for the sustainable design and management of integrated water resource systems.