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Theresa Chu


Theresa Chu, EnvE'16, has been an integral part of the AguaClara Project Team since 2013.  She has worked on the small scale plant model and the stacked rapid sand filter theory, and is currently a Team Leader, organizing and training a team of 60 students to optimize electricity-free drinking water treatment methods.  She is also a researcher in the Aristilde Lab, preparing chemical solutions to analyze degradation of pharmaceuticals using LC/MS and GC/MS.  She worked as an admin assistant fo tthe Engineering Learning Initiatives program, and as a course builder for Sustainability of Appledore Island.  Theresa was a TA for BEE2510 Engineering for a Sustainable Society, worked as a Sub-team Leader for the Engineering Career Fair, and was Master Liaison/Mentor/Socials Chair for the Society of Women Engineers.  She won the Vernon D. Lucy III Scholarship from the American Water Works Association in 2015, and the Mid-Hudson Section Scholarship from SWE is 2014.  She will be finishing up her Masters in Engineering in Enviroment and Water Systems Engineering at Cornell this fall. [EnvE, CALS]