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Jae Baek

Jae Baek, BE'17, is an undergraduate researcher in the Harrington Lab working on the design of a trap using sound, odor, and other sensory modalities to capture live male mosquitoes for surveillance and eventual genetic modification and release for use in population control.  Jae is president of and first flute in the Cornell Symphony Orchestra, and was awarded the John James Blackmore Prize for outstanding music, leadership, and dedication. She is also a student supervisor in the Cornell Raptor Program and a teaching assistant in Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering and a Cornell Engineering Peer Advisor.  [BE, Biomedical Concentration, CoE]
Prav Gangidi, BE '17, was invited into the Quill and Dagger Senior Honor Society, the Mortar Board Der Hexendreis Senior Honor Society.  Her campus involvement includes the CU Emergency Medical Services and Residential Student Congress, where she was the Campus Devilopment Coordinator and Social Chair.  She worked as a TA in Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering, and as an intern with Cornell's EH&S Department.  She has numerous certifications including Belay, EMT-B, and Wilderness First Responder.  After graduation she will be attending Columbia University to pursue a Masters in Public Health.  She will be concentrating in Health Policy and Management and hopes to be on the frontline of healthcare change. [BE, biomedical concentration, CoE]
Rakeeb Kureshi, BE'17, is the recipient of the CALS Academic Excellence award in Biological Engineering for the Class of '17.   He is a transfer student who has been on the Dean's list his every semester at Cornell.  He is an undergraduate researcher in the BEE Ma Lab - working with the design of a new catheter for an insulin pump and pancreatic cell encapsulation.  He has TA'd for Heat and Mass Transfer, Biochemistry, and Biofluid Mechanics.  Rakeeb volunteers with the groups Encoursaging Young Engineers & Scientists (EYES), the Science Olympiad at Cornell, and has done tutoring.  He has written two NIR Proposal drafts, "Degradable and injectable scaffold for the improved repair of bone fracture" and "Bacteroides sp. strain D8-loaded polymer microcapsules for artery plaque reduction".  He plans to go to medical school after graduation. [BE, CALS]

Paloma Spina

EnvE and SES'17
Paloma Spina, EnvE and Science of Earth Systems '17, is a Rawlings Presidential Scholar who has been involved in research investigating how the architecture of organic matter assemblies on mineral surfaces controls the trapping of different organic contaminants within organo-mineral matrices at a Research Technician in the BEE Aristilde Lab.  Her honors thesis is on the adsorption dynamics of dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen onto mineral soils.  She will be continuing with the lab after graduation.  She is also involved with aquaponics, working towards sustainably growing fish and lettuce in Chile.  She presented a research poster at the AGU annual meeting, "Does forest age affect carbon and nitrogen adsorption in mineral horizons"?  She was a TA for BEE 2510 Engineering for a Sustainable Society, and has been a tree climbing instructor and outdoor odyssey guide.  [Double major, EnvE and ESE, ESE Concentration: Biogeochemistry, CoE]
Anastasia Varanko, BE'17, has received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for the PhD program in Biomedical Engineering, Duke University, she will be starting in Fall 2017.  She is an undergraduate researcher in the BEE Ma Lab, designing and creating core-shell alginate microcapsules as an in vitro model of the microbiome and optimizing electrospray conditions for alginate hydrogels to improve oxygen and nutrient diffusion in mocrocapsules.  Her previous work was in the Shen lab, where she received an Engineering Learning Initiatives Research Grand and collaborated on five publications, two currently in print, one accepted, and two in review.  She is the Alpha Epsilon Chapter President and the Theta Tau Alumni Relations Chair.  She has worked since 2014 with building monitoring and special events at Cornell's Schwartz Performing Arts Center.  She has worked with youth outreach, mentorship, and Habitat for Humanity.  [BE, Biomedical Engineering Minor, CoE]

Chase Brett

Chase Brett, BE '16, focused his studies and research in BEE on syngas fermentation, alternative biofuels, platform chemicals, and bioreactor design and assembly.  He worked in the Angenent Lab where he was awarded an Engineering Learning Initiatives Summer Research Grant.  Chase recently created a startup company, Capro-X, with Professor Angenent where he is the Interim Chief Executive Officer and Vice President of Engineering and is pursuing funding.  He is currently applying for biofuels and biochemical jobs internationally, and has been investigating the possibility of a Cornell MS.  His background includes a summer internship at the Department of Environmental Protection and work as a professional chef. [BE, bioprocess concentration, CALS]

Theresa Chu

Theresa Chu, EnvE'16, has been an integral part of the AguaClara Project Team since 2013.  She has worked on the small scale plant model and the stacked rapid sand filter theory, and is currently a Team Leader, organizing and training a team of 60 students to optimize electricity-free drinking water treatment methods.  She is also a researcher in the Aristilde Lab, preparing chemical solutions to analyze degradation of pharmaceuticals using LC/MS and GC/MS.  She worked as an admin assistant fo tthe Engineering Learning Initiatives program, and as a course builder for Sustainability of Appledore Island.  Theresa was a TA for BEE2510 Engineering for a Sustainable Society, worked as a Sub-team Leader for the Engineering Career Fair, and was Master Liaison/Mentor/Socials Chair for the Society of Women Engineers.  She won the Vernon D. Lucy III Scholarship from the American Water Works Association in 2015, and the Mid-Hudson Section Scholarship from SWE is 2014.  She will be finishing up her Masters in Engineering in Enviroment and Water Systems Engineering at Cornell this fall. [EnvE, CALS]

Shoshana Das

Shoshana Das, BE'16, did her undergraduate research as a Goldwater Scholar in BME's Cardiovascular Developmental Bioengineering Lab (Butcher Lab).  She is the recipient of the CALS Academic Excellence Award in biological engineering.  She presented her research at the BMES 2015 National Conference, and is a co-auther on a Tissue Engineering publication, "Comparison of mesenchymal stem cell source differentiation toward human pediatric aortic valve interstitial cells within 3D engineered matices."  Shoshana is currently president of Alpha Epsilon, and has worked as a teaching assistant and tutor.  She has also participated in the Edgeofthegorge dance company, and Cornell's ballet troupe for four years.  She will be attending Harvard/MIT's Health Science & Technology program, studying for a PhD in Medical Engineering & Medical Physics starting this fall. [BE, minor-biomedical engineering, concentrations-biomedical engineering and biochemistry, CALS]
Denzel Faulkner, BE'16, has done his research with the Ma Lab in BEE modeling a microstructure, performing electrospinning (to make a compartmental fiber), and using electrospraying to uniformly encapsulate oil within core shell hydro-gel beads with the hope to use them in a therapeutic or nutritional application.  He has worked as a Senior Study Group Facilitator in the Biology Learning Strategies Center, as the Corresponding Secretary and Supreme Council Member for Zeta Psi Fraternity, and is the leader of the Missions and Evangelism Team with Campus Crusade for Christ at Cornell.  He is a member of the acappella group Absolute A Cappella and speaks fluent French.  Denzel will be pursuing his PhD in biomedical engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY starting Fall 2016  [BE, concentration: biomedical, CoE]

Stephen Galdi

Stephen Galdi, EnvE'16, is the recipient of the 2016 CALS Academic Excellence Award for Environmental Engineering, and is a 2016 Merrill Scholar.  He is a researcher in the Aristilde Lab, working with simulated molecular dynamics of organic substrates in clay nano-pores.  He has spent his summers with the NYC Dept. of Design and Construction and the Parks Department.  He has been a TA for BEE 2510 Engineering for a Sustainable Society and Environmental Quality Engineering where he critiqued environemntal case studies and models on topics from eutrophication to groundwater, and taught on wastewater standards, unit processes, transport, and modeling.  He participated in the AguaClara Project, the Engineering Caree Fair (Financial Chair, Corporate Sub-team Lead), and the Cornell Chapter of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers (Co-President, Secretary, Treasurer in subsequent years).  [EnvE, CALS]

Sarah Nadeau

BE'16 and PlntSci'16
Sarah Nadeau is a double major in Biological Engineering and Plant Science.  She is the recipient of a 2016 SUNY Chancellor's Award for Student Excellence.  Sarah is a researcher in the BEE Soil and Water Lab with Professor Todd Walter using gas chromatograpy and ion chromatography to quantify greenhouse gas emissions from soil bacteria and stream runoff.  She was part of  a 2015 research project "Winter runoff into streams on par with ocean salinity". Running is also a passion, and Sarah ran the 2016 Boston Marathon in 3:27.  She was an instructor with Cornell Outdoor Education, Captain-Treasurer of the Cornell Nordic Ski Team, and Vice President of the Cornell Outing Club. Sarah has a co-op position working for Monsanto's soybean breeding program through the end of this year and will be pursuing a master's degree in plant breeding next year.    [BE-PlntSci, concentration-bioenvironmental, CALS]

Mike Quint

Mike Quint, EnvE'16, has participated in Cornell's Society for Natural Resources Conservation (Environmental Collaborative delegate, Treasurer), Friends of the Gorges (Vice President) and the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, all groups that help students connect to the environment around campus.  But what defined his experience is the semester he spent abroad.  " I studied abroad in Sydney, Australia my junior year and it was the most rewarding experience of my college career.  Learning in a new environment halfway across the world had its challenges, but connecting with students from all over the world and travelling around the beautiful countries of Australia and New Zealand helped me grow a lot as a person.  Some engineers think it is too difficult to study abroad and still get all of your requirements, but with proper planning and motivation it is completely feasible."  Mike has experience in environmental consulting and remediation, and web design, through his summer intern appointments. [EnvE, CALS]
Michelle Zhang, BE'16, is the recipient of a Morley Student Research Grant that allowed her to work in the BEE Luo Lab on stabilizing chloroplasts in clay and DNA hydrogels for developing NADPH biofuel cells.  She is the Wetlab Leader and was a competition presenter for the Cornel iGEM Team (International Genetic Engineering Machines).  The groups current project is "Tackling Bacterial Cold Water Disease with Entericidin B" which won Best Environmental Project, Best Applied Design, and Best Supporting Entrepreneurship in teh 2015 competition. She was a teaching assistant for the Biochemistry Study Center and BEE 3500 Biological and Bioenvironmental Transport Processes and an undergraduate mentor with the Youth Outreach Undergraduate Reshaping Success project.  Michelle is graduating with a Business Minor for Engineers. [BE, minor-business, CALS]

Yinuo Zhang

Yinuo Zhang, EnvE'16/MEng'16, has found many projects at Cornell that match his interests in biomas and bioenergy, including participating in the Sustainable Campus Committee fall summit last November.   He has augmented his engineering degrees with a minor in business, and has worked summers as a marketing associate and intern at securities companies conducting market research and financial data models.  He is a peer tutor in Cornell's Athletics Department and has been involved with Cornell's "Any Student Any Dream" charity organization raising money to help children in poverty in China, working as the Communication Associate, Treasurer, and General Secretary. [EnvE, MEng, minor-business, CALS]
Erica Cartusciello, BE'15
Erica Cartusciello, BE'15, received a grant to do research for the Toward Sustainability Foundation in utilizing organic constituents in the development of hydroponic solutions.  Among her other accomplishments are designing an aquaculture hydroponics hybrid demonstration system for Cornell Cooperative Extension, presenting work on the utilization of plant roots as a sustainable biological medium for nitrogen breakdown in a hybrid system, and designing websites, logo images and book covers for work with aquaculture.  She was the webmaster for the campus IBE student group, was the president and founder of the CU Aquaculture and Multiponics Student Research Group, and was the Programming  Chair for the CU Premedical Society, working with premed students and admissions counselors.  She also volunteered for outreach with 4H groups and her project for large-leaf production of basil is currently pending review for entry into the Guiness Book of World Records.  [BE, biomedical concentration, CALS]
Alex Cesare, BE'15, works in BEE's Ahner Lab on optimizing algal lipid production for use in biofuels.  She has been a member of Cornell University eMed, a campus group that explores the roles that engineering plays in medicine.  She works as a Cooperative Workship Assistant tutoring first year calculus students.  She is in the CU Chordials acapella group and in the CU Chorus, working as the business manager of the Chordials (including planning concerts, trips, and fundraisers), and has won in vocal competitions with these groups.  [BE, biomedical concentration, CoE]
Shane DeGaetano, BE'15, is working in BEE's Soil and Water Lab with denitrifying bioreactors to improved agricultural runoff quality .  He has a keen interest in water resources management.  He has received funding through Cornell's Engineering Learning Initiative for his project focused on non-point source road salt pollution from Cornell's storm water, with results presented at the Fall 2014 meeting of the American Geophysical Union.  Shane has also volunteered at the Ithaca Sciencenter, designing and performing chemistry-based demonstrations, and works as a soccer referee.  He is a member of the Institute for Biological Engineering. [BE, bioenvironmental concentration, CALS]
Christine Georgakakos, BE'15, was awarded an Engineering Learning Initiatives Grand for her work on stream gauge discharge experiments.  Her success with this experience has resulted in a publication, numerous presentations, and acceptance into the BEE Masters Degree program as she continues to work in the Soil & Water Lab on DNA tracers, stream discharge modeling, and stream-sediment phosphorus cycles.  She has been on the Dean's list numerous times, and has worked as a teaching assistant for BEE3299 Sustainable Development.  She enjoys ultimate frisbee, including volunteering as the group treasurer, and has been a volunteer working with Cornell's Project Greenhouse and Outdoor Education.  [BE, bioenvironmental concentration, CALS]

Michelle Gostic

Michelle Gostic, EnvE'15, has worked with Brookhaven National Laboratory analyzing atmospheric data to improve how global climate models describe marine boundary layer clouds, and also led a student team studying contaminant dispersion in New York City.  With Cornell's AguaClara Sustainable Water Treatment team she has designed and experimented with the effectiveness and durability of a portable foam filtration system.  Her study abroad experiences was with the Technical School of Engineers of Roads, Canals and Ports, University of Cantabria, Santander, Spain.  She has worked and volunteered with Cornell Outdoor Education, on backpacking, paddling, biking, climbing orientation trips, and taught a tree-climbing PE class.  Michelle is interested in a career focused in water resources or watershed management. [EnvE, CALS]

Kevin Hsu

BE'15, AEM'15
Kevin Hsu, BE'15/AEM'15, is studying the mechanisms of cardiac valvulogenesis in the Butcher Lab in Cornell's Biomedical Engineering department.  He has organized events as President of Campus on a Hill, on behalf of the Cornell Christian community, overseeing marketing, development, logistical coordination, and financial budgets.  He executed a crowdfunding campaign and refocused advertising for an event in Spring 2014.  He is a member of the Der Hexenkreis Mortar Board Senior Honor Society, the Alpha Epsilon Honor Society of Biological Engineering, and is a Cornell Tradition Fellow - doing volunteer work in the Ithaca community through this group.  He is a member of a campus social fraternity, Beta Theta Pi, and formerly served on the e-board of the CALS Ambassadors.  He has been on the Dean's list for four semesters.  [Double major BE and AEM, biomedical engineering minor, CALS]

Mary John

Mary John, EnvE'15, has worked as a research intern for ARCADIS, the Millennium Water Alliance, the NYS Water Resource Institute  and the Cornell AquaClara Project.  She has assisted with projects involving sewer rehabilitation and water infrastructure in NYS and Washington, D.C., as well as managing water, sanitation, and hygiene reports from Kenya, Ethiopia, and Latin America.  She has worked as the treasurer for Kappa Kappa Gamma, and was a student manager for Campus Information & Visitor Relations, giving campus tours and manning the phones.  She will work full-time as an environmental consultant after graduation.  [EnvE, CALS]

Ethan Keller

Ethan Keller, EnvE'15, has received a 2015 CALS Academic Excellence Award, a Lester B. Knight Scholarship, a Kessler Fellowship, and an Engineering Learning Initiatives grant.  He has worked with AguaClara LLC, advising innovation design teams, and, as part of his Kessler Fellowship, spent a summer with the group co-designing a water filter system working with partners in Honduras.  He is a steering committee member and farm manager for the Dilmun Hill student-run farm, and works as a farm hand at the Earthworks Farm, a 300-acre beef-cattle farm, in Seneca Falls, NY.  He has held positions with the CU Sustainable Design team (Exec Board Member), the Cornell Bike Collective (President), Sustainable Development in Lansing, NY (Lead TA), Sustainable Neighborhoods Nicaragua (Team Leader), Prospect of Whitby (Head Chef and House Manager, and the Cornell Mushroom Club (President).  He is a member of the Quill and Dagger Senior Honor Society. He is an early-admit MEng student in Computer Science at Cornell.  [EnvE, CALS]

Ricki Korff

Ricki Korff, BE'15, received a Cornell Engineering Learning Initiatives grant to support her work in BEE's Bioanalytical Microsystems and Biosensors Laboratory, developing a whole blood point-of-care biosensor for cardiac marker myoglobin.  She was also a National Science Foundation Scholar for the summer of 2013 in the Cold Spring Harbor Atwal Lab, using a bioinformatics approach to study the link between genes specific to germline cells and genes overexpressed in cancer cells.  Ricki has spent four years with the Encouraging Young Engineers and Scientists (EYES) Organization in the Ithaca City School District, developing and teaching science and engineering lessons to underserved elementary school students, and is currently serving as president of the organization.  She has also tutored high schoolers in biology and chemistry.  She worked as a TA for BEE 2600 Principles of Biological Engineering and BEE 1510 Introduction to Computer Programming in MATLAB.  Ricki also volunteers in the Cayuga Med Center ER and a local senior center. Ricki is looking at medical schools for Fall 2015. [BE, biomedical concentration, CALS]
David Streitman, BE'15, is a recipient of a 2015 CALS Academic Excellence Award.  works in BEE's Angenent Lab to improve conventional algal photobioreacto efficientcy and pursuing light delivery optimization utilizing a novel waveguide reactor design.  Last summer he worked in quality assurance at Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, executing smoke studies for vaporized hydrogen peroxide bio-decontamination.  He has been on the Dean's list every semester of his Cornell career.  He has tutored engineering students in calculus, worked with Alpha Epsilon Pi as risk manager, and has fostered relationships with philanthropy and community outreach as a Cornell Annual Fund Representative. David will be pursuing an MEng degree with Cornell's Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering department, in the area of medical and industrial biotechnology. [BE, bioprocess and biomedical concentrations, CALS]

Steven Tsai

Steven Tsai, BE'15, is a Hunter R. Rawlings II Cornell Presidential Research Scholar.  He has received a 2015 CALS Academic Excellence Award.  He has also been chosen for a 2015 Merrill Presidential Scholars Award, and has named BEE Professor Dan Luo as the faculty member who has most influenced his Cornell experience. His research has been to explore alternative uses for DNA, including nanomaterial development and disease detection in BEE's Luo Lab.  He will be receiving minors in Biomedical Engineering and  International Trade and Development, and has worked the last two summers as an associate consultant (co-op) for Rosetta Marketing, New York, NY, a pharmaceutical company, analyzing sales and survey data to inform the company image work and product marketing strategy.  Steven is a co-chair for IBE's 2014 and 2015 BioExpo.  He has also served as president and treasurer of Cornell's ballroom dance club. He has been on the Dean's list every semester of his Cornell career. Steven has started working on his BME MEng degree in preparation for a position in pharmaceuticals or biotechnology. [BE, minors: biomedical engineering and international trade and development, CALS]
Alexa Wnorowski, BE'15, is a 2015 Merrill Presidential Scholar who is researching aortic valve calcification and exploring in vitro models of the disease in the Butcher Cardiovascular Developmental Bioengineering Laboratory in Cornell's Dept of Biomedical Engineering.  She is a Hunter R. Rawlings III Cornell Presidential Research Scholar, and has received two National Science Foundation Fellowships for summer research.  She is a TA for BEE 3310 Bio-Fluid Mechanics, and has worked as an ophthalmic medical assistant and as an law firm intern, analyzing medical patents and technical descriptions.   She has worked on the Cornell Orientation Steering Committee, and on the boards of the Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity and Alpha Xi Delta.  She is also a dancer with the Pandora Dance Troupe.  She plans to go into a biomedical engineering PhD program after graduation.  [BE, biomedical concentration, CoE]
Caitlin Bowen, BE'14, has been conducting research on congenital heart disease for the past three years.  She received a grant from the American Heart Association and was named a Rawlings Presidential Research Scholar.  She co-wrote an article published in Cells Tissues Organs.  She is a member of the Tau Beta Pi and Alpha Epsilon Honors Societys.  She is a 2014 Merrill Presidential Scholar and a 2014 CALS Excellence Award recipient.  Caitlin teaches swimming and Irish dance. [BE, biomedical concentration, CALS]
Michelle DiBenedetto, EnvE'14
Michelle DiBenedetto, Enve'14, received an honorable mention from NSF for her grad research fellowship proposal, on modeling forest-canopy atmospheric chemistry and processes using Fortran and MATLAB.  She worked on the same research in an NSF-funded REU at the Washington State University Laboratory for Atmospheric Research.  Here at Cornell she TA'd for CEE 3310 Fluid Mechanics, tutored in calculus, and did research with BEE Professor Peter Hess towards creating a complete box model of fixed nitrogen in the biosphere.  She volunteered at BJM Elementary School to improve the nutritional value of its snack program, winning a Cornell COmmunity Partnership Board grant to support her work.  She has been an Engineering Ambassador for her entire time here, and has been on the Dean's List every semester.  After graduation she will go to Stanford University for a PhD [EnvE, Minor: Climate Change, CoE]

Walker Grimshaw

BE and EnvE '14
Walker Grimshaw is a double major in BE and EnvE, with minors in Math, Biology and Global Health.  He designed a Tippy Tap with the Ghana Sustainable Aid Project, volunteered for local medical clinics with Child Family Health (Ecuador) and the foam filtration AguaClara team at Cornell.  He was the NGO contact for Engineers Without Borders and worked for Take Back The Tap, promoting the use of reusable water bottles on campus, and was treasureer.  He is also involved with IBE, Cornell Health International, Cornell Global Health Council and KyotoNOW!  [BE-EnvE, Minors: Math, Biology, Global Health, CoE]
Kristina Johnson, EnvE’14, is majoring in Environmental Engineering with a minor in Design and Environmental Analysis. She was a recipient of the John W. Layer Memorial Award two years in a row and as a result has attended multiple sustainability conferences. Kristina worked in the Soil and Water lab, examining the effect of chemicals in pesticides and how it can be mitigated by the application of biochar to soil. She was a member of the Cornell University Sustainable Design team and worked on the geothermal system that will ultimately be used by the Cornell Tech Campus on Roosevelt Island. Kristina is also an active member of her sorority and plays on the Women’s Club Lacrosse Team. [EnvE, Minor: Design and Environmental Analysis, CALS]
Breann Lieberman, BE'14, has been awarded the 2014 N. G. Kaul Memorial Scholarship for commitment to water quality and government service.  She did one semester of study abroad at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  She has worked in BEE's Soil and Water lab on a road salt budget model, installing stream flow gauges and developed a classification system for detention basins.  She has worked with Take Back The Tap, the Water Resources Institute, the Shoals Marine Lab, the Natural Resources Conservation Service, and AquaClara, including a trip to Honduras to update the inlet manifold in an existing treatment plant.  Breann will be in BEE's MEng program next year, and continue her work in the S&W Lab. [BE, Bioenvironmental Engineering concentration, CoE]
Anne Elise Creamer
Anne Elise Creamer, BE'13, accepted a graduate school assistantship in Environmental Engineering at the University of Florida. As an undergrad she won 1st place in the UG Poster Competition at the National Institute of Biological Engineering (IBE) annual conference and 3rd place in the March 2013 IBE BioExpo for her project "Baseline evaluation of groundwater quality in Central New York in the face of shale gas development". She was the co-president of IBE. Anne Elise was recognized with the 2013 Richard A. Church '64 Senior Service award "for service to the college beyond undergraduate academic requirements". Anne Elise also found time to be active in the Cornell Running Club and ran the 2013 Boston Marathon. [BE, bioenvironmental concentration, CALS]
Kimberly Lin

Kimberly Lin

Kimberly Lin, BE'13, was a 2013 Merrill Presidential Scholar Award winner and honored BEE Professor Ashim Datta as the "Cornell professor most influential in her development". Kimberly also won an Outstanding Peer Advisor Award and a Most Active Volunteer award from the Society of Women Engineers. She worked in the King Research Lab, BME, designing and performing experiments using human blood to characterize cellular response of neutrophils to applied fluid shear stress. She is working to publish a study of the mechanotransduction of human neutrophils. She was the Business Subteam Lead for the CUAIR Engineering Student Project Team. She was vice president and co-founder of Cornell Christian Students. She was an EARS counselor and worked as a teaching assistant in four classes, including as head assistant for BEE 2600 Principles of Biological Engineering. Kimberly accepted a position in the School of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh. [BE, biomedical concentration, CoE]
Sarah Loftus

Sarah Loftus

Sarah Loftus, EnvE'13, worked in the Angenent Bioenergy Lab for two years, in the area of synthesis gas fermentation. Sarah is a Class of 2013 recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for exceptional academic achievement in the Environmental Engineering major. She has had a 1st author paper accepted in the journal Environmental Technology, and an additional co-authorship paper in Biotechnology and Bioengineeering. She has been on the Dean's List every semester. She worked as a TA for BEE 2510 Engineering for a Sustainable Society and as a fitness monitor in the Cornell Fitness Centers. She was president of the Society for Natural Resources Conservation. She is the Social Chair for the Cornell Running Club, and ran in the 2012 and 2013 Boston Marathons. Sarah received a prestigious NSF Fellowship for graduate school at Duke University. [EnvE, CALS]
Maya Madhavan
Maya Madhavan, BE'13, was a Rawlings Presidential Scholar and NSF Biology Research Fellow. She performed her research in the Fischbach Lab, BME, on the effect of cell-cell and cell-matrix communication of the ability of tumors to be resistant to chemotherapy. She was interviewed for the RCPRS Focus newsletter. She was an Instructor/Facilitator for MA 2940 Linear Algebra for two semesters, and TA'd for BEE 3299 Sustainable Development for two semesters. She worked at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, OH, on a parametric study of biomechanical muscle model properties for studying spaceflight induced changes. She has had a paper accepted in Organic Bioelectronics. She is the Outreach Director of the Society of Women Engineers, and has been involved with weekly elementary and middle school visits with the Lego Mindstorms Robotics project. [BE, minor: Biomedical Engineering, CoE]
Chris Mancuso
Christopher Mancuso, BE'13, worked in Professor John March's Metabolic and Signal Engineering Laboratory. His research involved developing and integrating genetic circuits capable of detecting uric acid. Chris was a Class of 2013 recipient of the Academic Excellence Award for exceptional academic achievement in the Biological Engineering major. He was the Vice President of IBE and Corresponding Secretary of Tau Beta Pi, and has been involved in activities such as organizing their Science and Engineering Fair. He was on the Dean's List for his entire time in BEE, and played trombone in the Big Red Marching and Pep bands. Chris will be pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at Boston University starting in the Fall. [BE, biomedical concentration, CALS]
Dennis Zhou

Dennis Zhou

Dennis Zhou, BE'13, was a 2013 Merrill Presidential Award Scholar and honored BEE Professor Roger Spanswick as the "Cornell professor most influential in his development". Dennis worked in the Angenent Bioenergy Lab on analyzing sequences through QIIMW – alternative methods of Illumina data processing. He also worked in BME on cardiovascular disease research. Dennis managed a textbook business, facilitated recitation sections for engineering courses, and played tennis and piano. He is currently a Biotechnology PhD student at Georgia Tech. [BE, CALS]
Lulu Bai

Lulu Bai

Lulu Bai, BE'12, has received numerous accolades: Eng UG Learning Initiative Research Award, Cornell Hughes Scholar, CEAA UG Researcher of the Year (2010), and is a Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholar.  She has worked as a researcher since the beginning of her Sophomore year in Dr. Cynthia Reinhart-King's Lab in BME.  She has also done lab work under her fellowships at MIT (Brain and Cognitive Science, Kanwisher Lab) and Harvard (McLean Hospital, with Dr. Diego Pizzagalli).  Her other activities include the Cornell Graduate Consulting Club, Society of Engineers in Medicine, PREPARE Intl Mentor, UG Society for Neuroscience (Exec Board member), IBE (Exec Board member), UG Research Board (Exec Board member). [BE, Minors: Cognitive Science, Biomedical Engineering, CoE]
James Chiang

James Chiang

James Chiang, BE'12, is a Class of 2012 Banner Bearer and has received a CALS Academic Excellence award.  He studied abroad in Kyoto, Japan last semester, mostly working on the language but he is also very interested in the history and sociology of the country.  He worked with Professor Aneshansley to evaluate an idea for estimating the electrical and transport properties of cells in mosquito kidneys from experimental data.  he also worked with Professor Datta on a food safety phenomenon involving bacteria contamination of cold/warm fruit.  He was involved in a project on household anaerobic digestion that won 2nd place in a NABEC poster competition.  Jimmy has been on the Dean's List for every semester at Cornell.  He has tutored students in Math, Chemistry, and Physics and with the Engineering Learning Initiatives.  Jimmy plans to continue on for his PhD in Applied Mathematics and is deciding where to study.  [BE, CALS]

Tahra Eissa

Tahra Eissa, BE'12, has been on the figure skating team, worked in the on-campus bakery and taught art class at an Ithaca elementary school.  She spent her summers working with special needs children and doing research.  She will begin a doctorate program at the University of Chicago in Fall 2012. [BE, Concentration Biomedical, CoE]
Iriny Ekladious
Iriny Ekladious, BE'12, has been doing research under the tutelage of Professor Claudia Fischbach in BME.  She has also spent two summer research internships, with Genentech in San Francisco, CA, and with Johnson & Johnson in Skillman, NJ. She has received a 2011 Cornell Engineering Alumni Association Undergraduate Research Award and is a Meinig Family Cornell National Scholar.  Iriny worked as a TA for BEE2600 Principles of Biological Engineering for two semesters, holding office hours, tutoring and grading, and is the President of the Coptic Orthodox Fellowship Student Organization at Cornell.  She is an international volunteer, and spent two months teaching English and encouraging creativity and play at an all girls orphanage in Giza, Egypt. [BE, CoE]

Dennis Liu

Dennis Liu, BE'12, is a Hunter Rawlings Presidential Research Scholar with his project "Study of longevity genes in C. elegans", where his is working to pinpoint the exact gene that causes increased lifespan in a strain of C. elegans in Professor Jun Liu's lab. [Double Major BE-Biological Sciences, CALS]
Mark Loria

Mark Loria

Mark Loria, EnvE'12, has worked in Professor Beth Ahner's lab surveying species of algae for relative production of metal binding chemicals and using RNA extraction to analyze genetic regulation of algal enzymes under high metal growing conditions.  He has volunteered as the outreach coordinator for Cornell's Sustainability Hub and as a teaching assistant for Cornell Outdoor Education's Canoe Trekking course. [EnvE, CALS]
Tracy Mandel

Tracy Mandel

Tracy Mandel, EnvE'12, is a 2012 CALS Academic Excellence award recipient. She was in the Iceland Study Abroad program with the Center for Ecological Living & Learning for the Fall 2011 semester. She was a student researcher with an NSF REU program at the SETI Institute, Mountain View, CA, and with the Rangarajan Lab at Cornell University. She has also been a teaching assistant for BEE 4010 Renewable Energy Systems and a MATLAB Facilitator. She has volunteered with the Animal Advocates of Cornell, the Expanding Your Horizons Conference and as social chair and member of the American Academy of Environmental Engineers, Cornell Student Chapter.  She is a member of the Alpha Epsilon honor society. She is a ballet dancer, plays guitar, and started knitting while in Iceland. She will be attending Stanford this fall pursuing her M.S. in environmental fluid mechanics and hopes to continue on for a PhD. [EnvE, CALS]
Randall Meyer
Randall Meyer, BE'12, is a Class of 2012 Degree Marshall and has received a CALS Academic Excellence award.  He is a Hunter Rawlings Presidential Research Scholar with his project "Utilization of a zebrafish model to elucidate mechanisms of transmission of VHSV" in Professor James Casey's lab.  He has worked in Professor Casey's lab at the Cornell Vet School since 2008.  He won a Merrill Presidential Scholar award in 2012, and is a 2011 Goldwater Scholar.  He has been a teaching assistant in Biochemistry, Intro to Computer Programming, Principles of Biological Engineering, and Fluid Mechanics, and won an outstanding TA award in 2011.  Randall will be pursuing a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at John Hopkins University. [BE, Minor: Biomedical Engineering, CALS]
Jae Hyon Park
Jae Hyon Park, BE'12, has worked in the Luo Lab since August 2010, and is a co-author for a paper submitted to ChemPhysChem, "Systematic studies of UV stability and photopolymerization efficiency of DNA-based nanomaterials".  He has worked as a Teaching Assistant for BEE3310 Biofluid Mechanics, BEE3500 Biological and Environmental Transport Processes, and BEE3650 Properties of Biological Materials. Jae has been on the Dean's list every semester at Cornell.  He has been awarded a Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship, and Goldenberg Family Scholarship and is in the Alpha Epsilon Honor Society.  He has been a volunteer with the World Taekwondo Missionary Association, the Samsung Medical Center, and the Yonsei Gangnam Severance Medical Hospital where he teaches English and works with patients. He also worked with the AIChe ChemE Car Team for the 2009 competition. Jae plans to attend graduate schools, currently the MIT PhD program in Materials Science and Engineering is his top choice. [BE, Minor: Biomedical Engineering, CoE]
Angela Rigden
Angela Rigden, BE'12, has received a prestigious NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. She has worked under a Cornell Engineering Learning Initiative (ELI) Research Grant in Professor Todd Walter's Soil and Water Lab since May 2009, resulting in a peer-reviewed paper submission. She has also been busy as a teaching assistant in BEE 2510 Engineering for a Sustainable Society and volunteering for The Art of Teaching (3rd grade teachers aide) and the CU Compost Club (co-founder and Education and Outreach Executive Chair).  She is a Viola player and yoga enthusiast.  Angela will be attending Boston University to work with Dr. Guido Salvucci. She is on the Dean's list. [BE, CALS]
Chris Roh

Chris Roh

Chris Roh, BE'12, has received a prestigious  NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. He is graduating with research honors with his project "Characterizing soft biomaterial using microindenter" in Dr. Wu's lab.  He has TA'd for Principles of Biological Engineering and Spider Biology, and has given presentations in K-12 schools on spider locomotion.  He volunteered for Insectapolooza from 2008-2011. [Double Major: BE-Biological Sciences, Minor: Biomedical Engineering, CALS]
Roldan Leah

Leah Roldan

Leah Roldan, BE'12, will be pursuing a Master of Engineering with Cornell's BME Department this fall.  She has worked as a student researcher in the Reinhart-King lab in BME since the summer of 2010. She is the winner of the first place Zuckerman Prize for Excellence in Student Biological Engineering Research for her poster presentation "Patterning 3D collagen microtracks for cancer cell migration" at the 2012 BioExpo. She is a Hunter Rawlings Presidential Research Scholar with her project "The effects of substrate stiffness and hyposia conditions on cancer proliferation" and has been on the Dean's list for four semesters. She has also been active in the Cornell Filipino Association. [BE, Minor: Biomedical Engineering, CALS]
Tianyu Wang

Tianyu Wang

Tianyu Wang, BE'12, transferred as a sophomore to BEE from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in Shanghai, China.  He has over a 4.0 GPA and has been on the Dean's list every semester he has been at Cornell.  He is the third place winner for his poster presentation "Tracking stem cell lineages in 3D", at the 2012 BioExpo.  This research is part of his Honors project with Dr. Mingming Wu in BEE. Tianyu has also received an Engineering Learning Initiative Award for his synchronous clock circuit designs and has volunteered with PREPARE, a program to welcome international students to Cornell University. [BE, CALS]
Martin (Long Cheung) Yu
Martin (Long Cheung) Yu, EnvE'12, was awarded the Davis United World College Scholarship supporting his study at Cornell.  He played on Cornell's varsity men's soccer team, winning the 2010 Charles Berman Memorial Award for the most improved player.  He has interned with the Environmental Resources Management company in Hong Kon, and Lloyd's Register in Changchun, China.  He volunteered on the Cornell Hong Kong Student Association Executive Committee Board and with the International Student Admissions Ambassadors.  He will be staying at Cornell to pursue a Master's degree in landscape architecture. [EnvE, Minor: Business, CALS]

Jie Yuan

Jie Yuan, BE'12, is a Hunter Rawlings Presidential Scholar with his project "The effects of mitochondrial mutations on aging in C. elegans" in Professor Siu Sylvia Lee's lab. [BE, CALS]
Jessica Bloom

Jessica Bloom

Jessica Bloom, EnvE'11, has received an honorable mention from the Morris K. Udall Scholarship Foundation.  The contest recognizes students with excellent academic records and an interest in careers in environmental public policy, health care and tribal public policy.  Jessica studied with Cornell Abroad at the University of Melbourne, Australia.  She is a founder of the Windy Island Campaign to promote effective wind turbine code on Long Island, is a member of the Cornell Solar Decathlon team and the Engineers for a Sustainable World. [EnvE, CALS]
Ben Cammarata
Ben Cammarata, BE'11, (pictured, far right) is a member of the iGEM team and featured in the Spring '10 Cornell Engineering Magazine article, Living Machines: Genetically engineering solutions to win. Ben also collaborated on a BOOM (bits on our minds) project, Genetically engineering a heavy metal biosensor using B. sutilis. Ben has received a prestigious 2011 Merrill Scholar Award. Ben is hoping to land a research job before eventually applying to medical school. [BE, CoE]
Chunhin (Sam) Chan
Chunhin (Sam) Chan, BE'11, has been doing research under the tutelage of Professor Bonassar (BME) and was selected for a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program at Harvard University, with Professor David Mooney, Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences.  He has worked with multi-layered PLG scaffolds, proteoglycan and quantification assays, and cell cultures.  He has been on the Dean's list every semester at Cornell, transferring after two semesters on the Dean's lest at Binghamton University.  He is a member of the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society, and speaks fluent Cantonese.
Matt Giambrone
Matt Giambrone, BE'11, is a founding member of the Theta Tau Professional Engineering Fraternity at Cornell.  He has also held numerous leadership positions in Cornell's Delta Phi Fraternity: Secretary, House Manager, Sustainability Chairman, Rush Secretary and Steward.  He has worked internships with Bracco Diagnostics, Inc. (Princeton, NJ), OSI Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and BRData Retail BOSS (both in Melville, NY).  He has been on the Dean's list every semester. [BE, Minor: Business, CALS]
Alyssa Henning
Alyssa Henning, BE'11, is active in Cornell's Phoenix Society, CUWinds, and iGEM.  She and the iGEM team (that won a bronze medal at the 2009 competition at MIT) are featured in the cover article for the Spring '10 Cornell Engineering Magazine article, Living Machines: Genetically engineering solutions to win. See more in her College of Engineering Student Profile.  [BE, CoE]
Alexander Kopache
Alexander Kopache, BE'11, lead the drivetrain team for the Cornell Baja Racing Team which took first place at the national competition in Rochester in June 2010. [BE, CALS]
Bianca Lane

Bianca Lane

Bianca Lane, BE'11, is a member of the Army ROTC.  This allowed her to serve as a "leader, strategist, motivator and counselor" in her cadet battalion.  She also applied these skills as a House Manager for Pi Beta Phi and as a Resident Advisor. She has fed her interest in the biomedical field with a research internship at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, Bethesda, MD, for two summers, and worked in the Cornell Biomechanics Lab. She was honored in 2009 with the Lt. Colonel John B. Davenport Award for Academic Excellence in Engineering. [BE, concentration: Biomedical Engineering, CoE]
Matthew Mikhail
Matthew Mikhail, BE'11, co-founded an organization "What's in a Doctor's Bag" geared towards relieving the anxiety elementary school children commonly feel towards doctors' visits.  The group visits elementary school classes, performs skits, and engages the students in activities designed to familiarize them with the unnecessarily frightening aspects of health care.  He is a Hunter R. Rawlings Cornell Presidential Research Scholar, and is featured in Cornell's "The Research Paper" magazine for his work in Professor Dan Luo's lab, research designed to perfect the mechanisms of recombinant protein technology.  He is a McMullens Deans Scholar, a Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society officer, and a member of the Alpha Epsilon Bioengineering Honor Society. He has been on the Dean's list every semester.
Christine Pitner
Christine Pitner, BE'11, won a 2010 Diversity Programs in Engineering (DPE) Undergraduate of the Year distinction. Her other awards include: 2010 SWE Directorship of the Year, SWE Class of 2011 Scholarship, Cornell Tradition Fellow, and Cornell SWE Freshman of the Year. Christine was the guiding force, working with Professor Ashim Datta, on a handbook, Biological Engineering and its Possibilities for You, intended to "introduce current or prospective BE students to various career options that are available and to provide broad descriptions of the areas". Christine has done her undergraduate research under the supervision of Professor Antje Baeumner and is highlighted in the Cornell Chronicle article Researchers develop portable, quick and cheap test to detect deadly virus. She has held numerous leadership positions in SWE and IBE, and worked with Cornell Orientation for three summers, two as a supervisor. [BE, Minor: Biomedical Engineering, CoE]
Shailly Prasad
Shailly Prasad, BE'11, is co-president of the Cornell Chapter of the Institute of Biological Engineers.  She has worked for three years as a researcher in Cornell's BME Department on an Honors Thesis involving designing, building and testing an agarose-based microfluidic chemotaxis chamber to  model in vitro conditions for testing a observing mammalian sperm cell responses to chemical attractants. She has worked In the BEE Student Services Center for two years, and has been on the Dean's List for four semesters. [BE, minor: Biology, CALS]
Allison Truhlar
Allison Truhlar, BE'11, serves as Philanthropy Chair for the Tau Beta Pi Honor Society, as Tutoring Chair for the No-Nun-De-Kah Honor Society and has been inducted into the Alpha Epsilon Honor Society.  She is currently working on a research project for her honors thesis with funding awarded through the Dextra Undergraduate Research Endowment Fund, has completed an NSF-IGERT training grant working with surface water-groundwater exchange and received funding though an NSF REU program where she studied the morphology of Fire Island, NY.  She is a tutor with Cornell's Learning Strategies Center and was head TA for BEE 2600, Principles of Biological Engineering.  Allison has been on the dean's list for seven semesters; every semester she's been at Cornell, and is an officer in the Tau Beta Pi Engineering Honor Society.  Allison has been awarded a prestigious Gates-Churchill Scholarship and will be going to graduate school at Cambridge University.  She has also been awarded a 2011 NSF fellowship [BE, CALS]