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Steven Tsai


Steven Tsai, BE'15, is a Hunter R. Rawlings II Cornell Presidential Research Scholar.  He has received a 2015 CALS Academic Excellence Award.  He has also been chosen for a 2015 Merrill Presidential Scholars Award, and has named BEE Professor Dan Luo as the faculty member who has most influenced his Cornell experience.  His research has been to explore alternative uses for DNA, including nanomaterial development and disease detection in BEE's Luo Lab.  He will be receiving minors in Biomedical Engineering and  International Trade and Development, and has worked the last two summers as an associate consultant (co-op) for Rosetta Marketing, New York, NY, a pharmaceutical company, analyzing sales and survey data to inform the company image work and product marketing strategy.  Steven is a co-chair for IBE's 2014 and 2015 BioExpo.  He has also served as president and treasurer of Cornell's ballroom dance club.  He has been on the Dean's list every semester of his Cornell career. Steven has started working on his BME MEng degree in preparation for a position in pharmaceuticals or biotechnology. [BE, minors: biomedical engineering and international trade and development, CALS]