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Shoshana Das


Shoshana Das, BE'16, did her undergraduate research as a Goldwater Scholar in BME's Cardiovascular Developmental Bioengineering Lab (Butcher Lab).  She is the recipient of the CALS Academic Excellence Award in biological engineering.  She presented her research at the BMES 2015 National Conference, and is a co-auther on a Tissue Engineering publication, "Comparison of mesenchymal stem cell source differentiation toward human pediatric aortic valve interstitial cells within 3D engineered matices."  Shoshana is currently president of Alpha Epsilon, and has worked as a teaching assistant and tutor.  She has also participated in the Edgeofthegorge dance company, and Cornell's ballet troupe for four years.  She will be attending Harvard/MIT's Health Science & Technology program, studying for a PhD in Medical Engineering & Medical Physics starting this fall. [BE, minor-biomedical engineering, concentrations-biomedical engineering and biochemistry, CALS]