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Mingming Wu

Mingming Wu


306 Riley Robb Hall
(607) 255-9410

Mingming Wu is a Professor in the Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering. She was drawn to the field of biological engineering by her admiration of the exquisite micro- and nano-scale machinery found in the natural world. She is leading a lab that develops micro- and nano-scale technologies for solving contemporary biological, medical, and environmental problems. Her lab gains inspiration by exploring how tiny cells (often 1/10th of the width of a hair) move within a given microenvironment. Her lab motto is to see the unseeable and to measure the unmeasurable, all though the development of new technologies.

Research Focus

Professor Wu's research lab studies molecular mechanisms with which cells sense and migrate, using an integrated microsystems engineering and theoretical modeling approach. She and her students develop microfluidic systems to provide cells with well-defined and physiologically realistic 3D microenvironments (e.g., chemical gradients, fluid flows, and biomatrices). They also develop and utilize advanced microscopic imaging systems to quantify cellular dynamics. Their current focus is on the roles of tumor cell microenvironment in cancer cell chemoinvasion and its implications in cancer metastasis.

Teaching Focus

Professor Wu is teaching an upper-level undergraduate/entry level graduate course, BEE 4550/6550 Biologically Inspired Microsystems Engineering. She is also teaching an introductory-level undergraduate course, BEE 2600 Principles of Biological Engineering.

Awards and Honors

  • Fellow (2016) American Physical Society
  • Swiss International Visiting Scholar (2010) Swiss National Science Foundation
  • Young Research Scientist Fellowship (1992) French Ministry of Defense (DRET), Ecole Polytechnique
  • Graduate Student Alumni Research Award (1989) The Ohio State University

Selected Publications

Journal Publications