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Jillian Goldfarb

Assistant Professor

226 Riley-Robb
(607) 255-5789

Research Focus

By understanding how pollutants from energy generation impact the environment, and designing new processes to convert renewable sources to energy and materials that remove such pollutants, we can mitigate energy’s impact on the environment while enabling widespread access to modern energy for all. On-going research projects include investigating the conversion of biomass to biofuels via pyrolysis and hydrothermal carbonization, fabricating sustainable materials for water treatment, and designing slow release soil amendments from waste biomass. To complement these efforts, she and her collaborators explore various aspects of public understanding of science to better design public outreach campaigns to garner support for renewable energy policies and combat bias and hesitancy in trusting scientists. Her work appears in top journals such as <i>Energy Conversion and Management, </i><i>Journal of Cleaner Production, New England Journal of Medicine, Energy Policy, Green Chemistry, </i>and beyond.

Teaching Focus

Prof. Goldfarb teaches a variety of courses from sophomore to graduate level, many of which employ Active Learning methods. Her particular teaching interests include formative level introduction to engineering courses, hands-on laboratory courses, and technical communication. Her current courses include:<br>BEE 2510/ENGRD2510: Engineering Processes for Environmental Sustainability<br>BEE 4940: Public Facing Science: Design, Analysis and Communications<br>BEE 4940: Investigating the Reappearance of Lead at Ithaca Gun Superfund Site<br>BEE 6940: Engineering Effective Communications<br>Her pedagogical advancements have been published multiple times in the <i>Journal of Chemical Education. </i>She is currently leading the College of Engineering’s ABET Reform as part of her on-going interest in engineering assessment and curricul

Awards and Honors

  • IUPAC Young Observer (2019) International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry / National Academies