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Jean-Yves Parlange

Jean-Yves Parlange


Selected Publications

Journal Publications

  • Luterbacher, J. S., Parlange, J., & Walker, L. P. (2013). A pore-hindered diffusion and reaction model can help explain the importance of pore size distribution in enzymatic hydrolysis of biomass. Biotechnology and Bioengineering. 110:127-136.
  • Morales, V., Parlange, J., Wu, M., Perez-Reche, F. J., Zhang, W., Sang, W., & Steenhuis, T. S. (2013). Surfactant-mediated control of colloid pattern assembly and attachment strength in evaporating droplets. Langmuir. 29:1831-1840.
  • Parlange, J., Hogarth, W. L., Heng, B. C., Sander, G. C., Barry, D. A., Brovelli, A., Jomaa, S., Parlange, M. B., Hairsine, P. B., Steenhuis, T. S., van Meerveld, H. J., & Rose, C. M. (2012). Erosion of soils due to rainfall impact - an interpolation method. Ecohydrology. 5:575-579.
  • Shaw, S. B., Walter, M. T., & Parlange, J. (2009). Accounting for surface roughness in a physically-based urban wash-off model. Journal of Hydrology. 367:79-85.
  • Hogarth, W. L., Parlange, J., Rose, C. W., Sander, G. C., Walter, M. T., & Walter, M. F. (2008). A note on Chows’s description of the weak hydraulic jump. Journal of Hydraulic Research. 46:703-706.
  • Gao, B., Steenhuis, T. S., Zevi, Y., Morales, V. L., Nieber, J. L., Richards, B. K., McCarthy, J. F., & Parlange, J. (2008). Capillary retention of colloids in unsaturated porous media. Water Resources Research. 44:W04504.
  • Shaw, S. B., Mahklouf, R., Walter, M. T., Parlange, J., & Lisle, I. (2008). Experimental testing of a stochastic sediment transport model. Journal of Hydrology. 348:425-430.
  • Tromp-van Meerveld, H. J., Parlange, J., Barry, D. A., Tromp, M. F., Sander, G. C., Walter, M. T., & Parlange, M. B. (2008). Influence of sediment settling velocity on mechanistic soil erosion modeling. Water Resources Research. 44:W06401.
  • Wells, R. R., Romkens, M. M., Parlange, J., DiCarlo, D. A., Steenhuis, T. S., & Prasad, S. N. (2007). A Simple Technique for Measuring Wetting Front Depths for Selected Soils. Soil Science Society of America Journal. 71:669-673.
  • Walter, M. T., Gao, B., & Parlange, J. (2007). Modeling soil solute release into runoff with infiltration. Journal of Hydrology. 347:430-437.