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Jean Hunter

Jean Hunter

Associate Professor; and Director of Undergraduate Studies

207 Riley Robb Hall
(607) 255-2297

Jean Hunter is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering and is currently the Director of Undergraduate Programs. Her research interests include bioprocess and food engineering, with applications including space life support.

Research Focus

Professor Hunter’s research group is currently working on design of food processing and waste management systems for long-term space colonies; microbial and enzymatic methods for reclamation of food and agricultural wastes; and systems analysis in the areas of process optimization, process cost estimation, and system modeling.

Teaching Focus

Professor Hunter teaches engineering principles and their application to identifying and solving problems involving biological systems. She is currently teaching BEE 1200 The BEE Experience, BEE 2220 Bioengineering Thermodynamics and Kinetics and BEE 4640 Bioseparation Processes.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

  • Vicens, C., Wang, C., Olabi, A. A., Jackson, P., & Hunter, J. B. (2003). Optimized bioregenerative space diet selection with crew choice. Habitation. 9:31-39.