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Floris van Breugel


Floris van Breugel, BE'08, is working on his PhD in Control and Dynamical Systems at Caltech.  He is an amazing photographer, see some of his work here, including articles for the Cornell Lab of Ornithology:  Floris was a Presidential Research Scholar, working in Hod Lipson's lab on a flapping wing vehicle.  See the Cornell Chronicle story, Flap like a butterfly, hover like a bumblebee: Student's flapping wing vehicle is more stable than a helicopter  and the CALS News story, BEE Junior Creates a Hovering Ornithopter, and How do we design and make robots that can mimic every aspect of nature?  Floris was a 2008 Merrill Scholar, honoring MAE Professor Hod Lipson as the Cornell professor who most influenced his development.