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David Orr

David Orr

Senior Extension Associate

418 Riley Robb Hall
(607) 255-8465

David Orr is the Director / Senior Extension Associate with the Cornell Local Roads Program. He serves two primary roles: technical assistance to local highway agencies and performing research on low-volume related pavement design issues.

Research Focus

Low volume roads and seasonal variations of pavements

Outreach and Extension Focus

Provide technical assistance to highway agencies in New York State via phone, letters, articles, email, seminars, workshops, and field visits.

Awards and Honors

  • National Roadway Safety Award (2013) Roadway Safety Foundation & FHWA
  • Tourism Partner Award for Annual Highway School (2012) Tompkins County
  • AAA New York Community Traffic Safety Award, Outstanding Program (2006)

Selected Publications

Journal Publications

  • Orr, D. P. (2011). A Field Traffic Sign Handbook for Local Highway Agencies. Transportation Research Record: (TRR Journal). 1:126-131.
  • Orr, D. P. (2003). Detection of nonresilient behavior in pavements with a failing-weight deflectometer. Transportation Research Record: (TRR Journal). 1860:26-32.