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Daniel Aneshansley


318 Riley Robb Hall
(607) 255-3069

Dan Aneshansley is a Professor in the Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering. He works on projects relating to the development of sensors and techniques to measure biological phenomena and the development of engineering models to study animal physiology. His work has cross-cutting impacts in dairy and produce farming, as well as in the exploration of biofuels crops.

Research Focus

Applications of Professor Aneshansley’s research are broad and have included sensing the production variables in dairy cows, studying the effects of contact voltages on livestock, development of non-destructive testing techniques to monitor the quality in fruit, and machine vision techniques to evaluate color patterns of Y-formed DNA.

Outreach and Extension Focus

Professor Aneshansley’s outreach efforts include evaluation and modification of planting and harvesting equipment and development of techniques to produce willow as a biomass crop.

Teaching Focus

Professor Aneshansley teaches students bioinstrumentation and the modeling of biological systems with engineering mathematics and models. His is currently teaching BEE 4500 Bioinstrumentation.

Selected Publications

Journal Publications