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Minglin Ma named a top young innovator

Aug 22, 2016
Minglin Ma, assistant professor of biological and environmental engineering, was recently named a Young Innovator Award winner by the journal Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering. Read more

12 assistant professors win research grants

Aug 17, 2016
Twelve Cornell assistant professors have been awarded research grants by the Affinito-Stewart Grants Program from the President’s Council of Cornell Women to increase long-term retention of women. Read more

Vortex rings may aid cell delivery, cell-free protein production

Aug 11, 2016
BEE PhD student Duo An, working with Professors Dan Luo and Minglin Ma, is the lead author on a paper in Nature Communications, "Mass production of shaped particles through vortex ring freezing", a "phenomenon that has the potential to greatly improve cell-free protein production and cell delivery, particularly for Type 1 diabetes patients." [nanowerk article posted August 11, 2016]. Read more

Caring for Many Kids

Jul 27, 2016
See the story by Marjorie Olds on BEE Professor Tammo Steenhuis, his wife, and their 19 children, including 10 foster children.  A heartwarming story about a special family. [July 2016] Read more

A Pocket-Sized Wireless Solution for Diabetes Treatment

Jul 21, 2016
Ohio State electrical and computer engineering professor Liang Guo's Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation proposal "could someday allow diabetics to carry around a small device that wirelessly tells their body when to increase or decrease insulin levels."  BEE Professor Minglin Ma is collaborating on the project. Read more