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Congratulations to Professor Dan Luo

Nov 12, 2012

Congratulations to Professor Dan Luo for his 2012 College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Award for Outstanding Accomplishments in Basic Research. Dan is being rewarded for his highly original work in the engineering of DNA and DNA hybrids into novel materials for applications including molecular sensing devices for disease detection, cell-free protein production, drug delivery, and tissue engineering. [November 2012]

Congratulations to Professor Ashim Datta

Nov 5, 2012

Congratulations to Professor Ashim Datta for his 2012 College of Engineering Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Tucker '50 Excellence in Teaching Award. An awards luncheon was held on November 5, 2012.

The Switch Energy Project - To a Smarter Energy Future

Oct 4, 2012

"A comprehensive documentary film, web and education program to build energy awareness and efficiency, and find practical, balanced solutions to our energy challenges". BEE Professor Larry Walker is interviewed for the Biofuels portion of the project, on developing next generation biofuels, explaining cellulosic and other biofuels, and on the potential to reinvigorate rural areas. Switch was screened at Cornell on October 4th, 2012. Read more

Faculty Renewal Gifts: Shaping the Future of CALS.

Sep 1, 2012

Martin Y. Tang '70 has established a faculty fellowship in honor of BEE Professor Emeritus Norm Scott, the Norman R. Scott Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellowship. Norm is honored for his long-standing friendship with and leadership of the Tang Cornell-China Scholars Program. The fellowship enabled BEE to hire assistant professor C. Lindsay Anderson to establish a program in sustainable energy systems engineering. Read more

Assistant Professor Ludmilla Aristilde

A Big Welcome to Assistant Professor Ludmilla Aristilde who joined us in July 2012!

Jul 12, 2012

Assistant Professor Ludmilla Aristilde works on problems at the interface of environmental chemistry and environmental health. She plans to take on the challenge of teaching BEE 2510 Engineering for a Sustainable Society after focusing her first year on her research program, where she is particularly interested in the fate and effects of emerging contaminants in soils and surface waters and the reactivity and fate of macromolecules in soils. Before coming to Cornell, Prof. Aristilde completed an NSF postdoctoral fellow position at Princeton University, with ecosystem dynamics of marine phytoplankton and the utilization of organic substrates by soil anaerobic bacteria. She obtained her PhD from the University of CA-Berkeley in molecular toxicology.

Associate Professor Mingming Wu

A Big Welcome to Associate Professor Mingming Wu who joined us in July 2012!

Jul 12, 2012

Associate Professor Mingming Wu has been an Adjunct Professor and Sr. Research Associate in BEE and MAE for ten years. She teaches BEE 4550 Biologically Inspired Microsystems Engineering, and will add BEE 2600 Principles in Biological Engineering to her teaching resume next year. Professor Wu's Biofluidics Lab does research on quantitative micro/nano scale imaging (i.e.,tracking time-space positions of multiple swimming bacteria), BioMEMS (i.e., working with microfluidic and miccrochemotaxis devices), biomachineries (i.e., exploring microfluidic pumps in nature), and microfluidic microvascular modeling (i.e., angiogenesis modeling). Prior to Cornell Prof. Wu was an Associate Professor in the Physics Department at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Congratulations to the Cornell Local Roads Program (CLRP)

Jul 12, 2012

Congratulations to the Cornell Local Roads Program (CLRP) for their 2012 Tompkins Tourism Partner Award. The award was received for their annual Highway Superintendents School, "The Tompkins County Legislature thanks you for making an outstanding contribution to the County and its residents and enhancing the local economy by promoting it as a tourism destination".

Graduate Student Janet Barclay has been chosen as a 2012 IGERT fellow

Jul 12, 2012

Graduate Student Janet Barclay, who works in Professor Todd Walter's research group, has been chosen as a 2012 IGERT fellow with the Cross Scale Biogeochemistry and Climate (CSBC) IGERT program. Congratulations, Janet!

A Big Welcome to Assistant Professor Lindsay Anderson who joined us in July 2012!

Jul 12, 2012

Assistant Professor Lindsay Anderson has been an Adjunct Professor and Sr. Research Associate in BEE for six years. She has taught BEE 1510 Introduction to Computer Programming for most of that time, taking over the class from Emeritus Professor Lou Albright. She has added BEE 4880/6880 Applied Modeling and Simulation for Renewable Energy Systems to the BEE course roster. Professor Anderson's current research focuses on the integration of renewable energy technologies into existing power systems and energy markets. Before coming to Cornell, Prof. Anderson was an Assistant Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering at The University of Western Ontario in Canada, where she received her PhD in applied mathematics.

Six-member crew selected for Mars food mission

Jul 6, 2012

Six-member crew selected for Mars food mission.

Researchers convert 'beer' into a better-than-ethanol biofuel

Jun 26, 2012

Professor Lars Angenent led this study, which was published by Energy and Environmental Science. The journal has promoted it as a "hot paper". "With fuels you want to have pretty long carbon chains," Angenent said. "Ethanol has two carbons, and you can run a car on that but not a plane - it's not dense enough." [ChronicleONLINE, June 26, 2012] Read more

'Gastronauts' practice Martian cooking techniques for deep-space delicacies

Jun 25, 2012

'Gastronauts' practice Martian cooking techniques for deep-space delicacies.

This Is the Food We'll Eat on Mars

Jun 12, 2012

This article, posted June 2012 on the Popular Science site, discusses the crew of scientists and astronauts that met at Cornell to prepare to feed human colonists on the Red Planet. "I will never go to Mars," says BEE Professor Jean Hunter, "but I hope they'll be eating my recipes." Read more

Congratulations to Professor Antje Baeumner

May 12, 2012

Congratulations to Professor Antje Baeumner for her 2012 SUNY Chancellor's Excellence in Teaching award. The award was recognized at the CALS 2012 Dean's Awards Reception, Spring 2012.

Sustainable seaweed: Researchers explore algae-based animal feed

Jan 18, 2012

This same algae is being studied by BEE Professor Beth Ahner, as its own inherent stress response can be harnessed to help in oil production. When starved of nutrients, the algae undergoes physiological changes causing it to exude oil.

The Atkinson Center solutions factory: Up and running.

Jan 12, 2012

This EZRA Magazine Winter 2012 article includes mention of a $9 million DOE award for a national research consortium to improve production of biofuels using aquatic microalgae. Cornell participants include BEE Professor Beth Ahner, CEE Professor Ruth Richardson, and MBG Professor Maureen Hanson. Read more

Willow biofuels program ignites with new funding and boiler

Jan 6, 2012

Horticulture Professor Larry Smart is running a shrub willow bioenergy program. Funding from the Northeast Sun Grant Initiative, under the direction of BEE Professor Larry Walker, will bolster the effort. BEE Professor Dan Aneshansley is also a collaborator with the willow efforts in Geneva. Read more