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Nano Nugget featuring Norman Scott

Nov 11, 2016
Professor Emeritus Norm Scott talks for the National Nanotechnology Initiative, Nano Nuggets: short videos featuring experts, visionaries, and artists sharing their thoughts on nanotechnoogy.  Professor Scott discusses how nanotechnology can revolutionize the agriculture and food system. Read more

Charting New York's Milky Way

Nov 10, 2016
The Fall 2016 PeriodiCALS Magazine article, "Charting New York's Milky Way", includes a discussion with BEE Professor Kifle Gebremedhin on heat stress in cows.  “Knowing the genetics behind [the sweating] process, we can try to enhance the frequency of the sweat glands to help the animals sweat more,” Gebremedhin said. “There are also sweat glands that don’t sweat. Can we entice them and make these redundant glands sweat?” Read more