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Professor Lindsay Anderson Receives NSF Career Award

Mar 19, 2015
Professor Lindsay Anderson's project "Maximizing renewable energy integration: Optimal management of uncertainty with responsive demand" was selected for a 2015 NSF Career Award.  The project will 1) Build the tools to accurately describe intermittent renewable resources, such as wind and solar, to better characterize the uncertainties and interactions for tractable representation in stochastic optimization methods, 2) Characterize responsive demand resources across multiple time scales including characteristics, constraints and uncertainties of various classes, and 3) Develop the multi-period stochastic optimization framework that includes DR into a scalable security constrained unit commitment model by including dispatchable DR resources as stochastic constraints, with additional constraints on frequency and duration of response, and to ensure that the solutions generated are available in reasonable time frames to benefit power system operations.  See additional information in CALS Notes. Read more

2015 IBE BioExpo Research Symposium

Mar 19, 2015
Congratulations to Lena Liu, Shiva Chettiar, Jeffrey Tokman, and Aditya Misra, the poster competition winners for the 2015 IBE BioExpo.  Richard Montagna, Senior VP for Scientific and Clinical Affairs, Rheonix, Inc. and Brian Kirby, Associate Professor, MAE Cornell, were the guest speakers for this year's event.  Thank you to Steven Tsai, Stephanie Cheng, and the IBE BioExpo Planning Committee!

Reflections on an Academic and Commercial Career

Dec 15, 2014
BEE Professor Emeritus Bill Jewell's book has been released by The Internet First University Press, with a companion oral history interview conducted by Professor Beth Ahner (to go to the interview, go to "BEE Department History" from the above link and search for "Jewel").  The material "traces the arc of his professorial career as a teacher and researcher. His early interests in environmental issues, under-girded by his early interests in utilizing higher plants as a remediation tool, led him to some unique areas of research and teaching interests. He was one of the early explorers of how to blend his academic interests in environmental and ecological engineering with an entrepreneurial direction. He reflects upon the joys and miseries associated with his pioneering work that straddles the two distinctly different cultures of academia and the world of commerce."  This work was assisted by Professor Emeriti Bob Cooke and Ken King. Read more

A Cause in Common - Type 2 diabetes

Nov 14, 2014
"A Cause in Common," an article in the Fall 2014 PeriodiCALS magazine, discusses Professor Minglin Ma's Protective Packaging, and Professor John March's Enlisting the Intestine as part of CALS efforts towards bolster prevention and develop novel treatments of Type 2 diabetes.  (See article beginning on page 14 of the embedded link). Read more

Milestones and Marvels: Celebrating Cornell University's Sesquicentennial

Nov 14, 2014
"Milestones and Marvels," an article in the Fall 2014 PeriodiCALS magazine, includes notes from BEE:
Professor Dan Luo's 2006 "First DNA-based hydrogel for applications including controlled drug release and tissue engineering."
Professor Todd Walter's 2000 "Cornell faculty help develop the internationally recognized New York City watershed protection plan, assuring a quality water supply for more than 9 million customers."
Professor Jean Hunter's 1997 "NASA grant to develop meals astronauts can prepare from a limited set of crops to be grown hydroponically in space."
(See article beginning on page 20 of the embedded link). Read more

My Cornell Story: Michelle R. Adelman, ABEN'89

Nov 14, 2014
"My Cornell Story," an article in the Fall 2014 PeriodiCALS magazine, highlights the amazing journey of ABEN graduate Michelle Adelman, '89, from Ithaca to NYC to Botswana, Africa.  Her tagline "I cannot make this stuff up" leads into a fascinating story.  (See article beginning on page 40 of the embedded link). Read more


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