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Kenote Speaker, ICoME 2015

Dec 10, 2015
BEE Professor Ashim Datta was the keynote speaker for ICoME, the International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, sponsored by Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand.  He discussed "Modeling and Simulation for Food Manufacturing: Developing Mechanistic Frameworks". [December 2015] Read more

A New Generation of Engineers

Dec 10, 2015
BEE student Abigail Brown, EnvE'17, was interviewed as part of the EZRA Magazine article "A New Generation of Engineers."  Discussing her international experience with AguaClara, "I really loved learning in an active setting and creating things that would directly impact the lives of other people. This experience gave me an idea of how I can accomplish my goals through engineering. Most importantly though, I felt like my work had meaning." [Fall 2015] Read more

NASA Space Suit Testing

Dec 10, 2015
Shown:  BEE MEng student Charlotte Kiang participating in a zero gravity flight to test a NASA-funded space suit.  Charlotte is advised by BEE Professor Jean Hunter.

CLRP Town-Gown Award

Nov 16, 2015
The Cornell Local Roads Program was presented a 2015 Town-Gown Award at the 5th annual ceremony held November 14, 2015, Ithaca High School, Kulp Auditorium.  The award spotlights town-gown collaborations. Read more

What Exactly is the Microwave Doing to Your Food? Here's the Science

Oct 19, 2015
BEE Professor Ashim Datta is quoted in this article by the Huffington Post: Meanwhile, Dr. Ashim Datta, professor of biological and environmental engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., told HuffPost Science that there is no "best" cooking method.  "It depends on the food, the cooking method, the appliance and so on," he said. "In general, the principles are that if you are boiling in water, lots of nutrients can leach out. If you are heating in a microwave without water, and because the heating is done quicker, it doesn't have time to destroy as many nutrients... but beyond that, we cannot make general conclusions." Read more

Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate

Sep 28, 2015
Congratulations to BEE Research Support Specialist Jenny Pronto, who has received an ASABE Blue Ribbon Award for the website Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate.  Jenny is part of a national team including researchers from the University of Minnesota, Washington State, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, University of Georgia, and Texas A&M.  The project is funded by a USDA AFRI grant. Read more

2015 Journal of Materials Chemistry B - HOT Paper

Sep 28, 2015
The paper "Designing compartmentalized hydrogel microparticles for cell encapsulation and scalable 3D cell culture" from Professor Minglin Ma's lab has been marked as HOT by the Journal of Materials Chemistry B referees.  Congratulations to Minglin and his co-authors, Yen-Chun Lu, Wei Song, Duo An, BJ Kim, Robert Schwartz, and Mingming Wu. Read more

Students find calm, comfort at Ag Quad 'farm'

Sep 22, 2015
During Ag Day, a biannual event hosted by the Cornell chapter of the co-ed fraternity Alpha Zeta, the Ag Quad was transformed into a farm with animals and tractor activities to expose students to farming. Read more