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Critical Dates and Deadlines for MS and PhD Students

Application Deadlines for Travel Grants

  • For dissertation research, not conferences
  • Priority is given to PhD students who have passed or will pass the A exam before traveling
  • Awards are 2 times per year: deadline is November 1 for fall/winter, February 1 for spring/summer

Conferral Dates

  • January, May or August


  • Mailed 4-8 weeks after degree conferral date in January, May or August

Exams:  must be scheduled according to the constraints below and in time for project and thesis material to be submitted and accepted by the graduate school and their deadlines.

  • MS: MS Exam, complete all degree requirements, no earlier than one month before completing the minimum semesters of successful registration
  • PhD: A exam, after 2 semesters of successful registration, but before your 7th semester
  • PhD: B exam, complete all degree requirements, 2 semesters of successful registration after passing the A exam

In Absentia

  • November 1 for spring semester
  • June 15 for fall semester

Leave of Absence

  • August 22 for Fall semester; January 15 for Spring semester.After these dates, there may be a percentage of tuition charged and due.
  • Up to 12 months, may be renewed up to 3 times
  • After 4 years, must reapply for admission to the grad school

Registration Deadline

  • Each semester (including summer) unless on a leave of absence
  • You are considered registered with the University once your bill is paid in full and you are enrolled in at least one academic or research course. The deadline for registration to avoid a late registration fee is always by the end of the third week of the semester.

Registered Semesters

  • MS, minimum of 2 semesters of successful registration
  • PhD, minimum of 6 semesters of successful registration; at least 2 after the A exam
  • Non-thesis MS, minimum of 4 semesters of successful registration

Student Progress Review (SPR)

  • Annually after 2nd year, end of Spring semester

Schedule of Examination

  • 7 days prior to exam

Special Committees

  • Chair, first 3 weeks
  • MS, all committee members by the second semester
  • PhD, all committee members by 3rd semester
  • Change special committees 3 months prior to final exam

Thesis or Dissertation

  • Submit complete draft to all members at least 6 weeks before examination
  • At least 5 days before exam, provide all members with complete, typed and editorially acceptable copy for final approval
  • 60 days after passing exam, submit 2 unbound and signed final copies to the grad school
  • After your final exam, you have 60 days to make changes or else will be charged a late filing fee

Time to Degree

  • MS, no more than 4 years between first registration and completion of all requirements
  • Part time, 6 years
  • PhD, 7 years