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Rapid, Data-driven Evolution of Carbon dioxide Fixing Metabolism

Project Advisor
Professor Buz Barstow -

Project Area/Concentration
synthetic biology, backgrounds in synthetic, systems or molecular biology; physics; chemistry; or electrical or computer engineering

Project Description
Microbes offer one of the most promising routes for the low-cost capture of unconcentrated carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and its storage as a range of dense, non-volatile storage compounds. However, the efficiency and speed of naturally occurring CO2-fixing metabolism are far lower than the requirements of a practical system. We are looking for students to help us develop new rapid whole genome modification tools that leverage data from our Knockout Sudoku gene discovery tool to evolve CO2-fixing metabolism.

Possible Courses

Course number Course title
AEP 4210 Mathematical Physics I
AEP 4220 Mathematical Physics II
BEE 3600 Molecular and Cellular Bioengineering
BME 6130 Engineering the Microbiome