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A human diving

Project Advisor
Professor Sunny Jung -

Project Area/Concentration
Biomechanics, human injuries

Project Description
Diving is common activity for animals including humans. However, the water-entry process and mechanism of such complex body shapes is poorly understood and difficult to study, but is of great importance in their injuries. Furthermore, heights greater than 30 feet (~ 10 meters) is arbitrary set for the injury risk of diving into water by governments. However, the Redbull Cliff Diving competition regularly tests people’s abilities to dive from 90 feet.

The goal of this project is to understand the mechanics of human diving by investigating the interplay amongst the overall diving kinematics and their bone structures, muscles, and skin properties. Furthermore, this study will allow us to understand the significance of mechanical forces during diving at different postures. Our proposed research approaches will involve the structural characterizations, reduced-order experimentation, force-measuring electronics, high-speed imaging, and mathematical modeling.

A human diving.

Possible Courses

Course number Course title
BEE 3310 Bio-Fluid Mechanics
BEE 4500 Bioinstrumentation
BEE 4570 Biorobotics
MAE 4272 Fluids/Heat Transfer Laboratory
MAE 4650 Biofluid Mechanics
MAE 4651 Biofluid Mechanics
MAE 5230 Intermediate Fluid Dynamics with CFD
MAE 5650 Biofluid Mechanics
MAE 6270 Experimental Methods in Fluid Dynamics