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A fish bladder as a speaker

Project Advisor
Professor Sunny Jung -

Project Area/Concentration
Biomechanics, sustainable engineering

Project Description
Fish produce vocal sounds using their swim bladder at low frequencies. Some fishes have a very specialized shape of the swim bladder, presumably to enhance the performance of sound production and source localization. Such a tiny & efficient underwater device in source localization can be adapted into sonar sensing in ocean or lakes. In this project, we plan to understand the functional relation between the sound source localization and the swim bladder shape.

This study will include multiple sub-systems to tackle the underlying mechanism. First, we need to create an artificial swim bladder with a thin flexible membrane. Second, we will design electronic components to generate and capture sound at different locations. Third, students will learn how to use multiple high-speed cameras to reconstruct 3D vibrational modes on the swim bladder. Lastly, we will develop theoretical models to understand the acoustic mechanism on the swim bladder.

A fish bladder.A fish bladder.

Possible Courses

Course number Course title
BEE 3310 Bio-Fluid Mechanics
BEE 4500 Bioinstrumentation
BEE 4570 Biorobotics
MAE 4272 Fluids/Heat Transfer Laboratory
MAE 4650 Biofluid Mechanics
MAE 4651 Biofluid Mechanics
MAE 5230 Intermediate Fluid Dynamics with CFD
MAE 5650 Biofluid Mechanics
MAE 6270 Experimental Methods in Fluid Dynamics