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Developing DNA hydrogels through chemical and biological design

Project Advisor
Professor Dan Luo -

Project Collaborators
Dong Wang

Project Area/Concentration
Biomaterials, Hydrogels, Polymer sciences and engineering, Biological Engineering

Project Description
Hydrogels are playing an increasingly important role in a wide variety of applications, especially in the biological and biomedical fields. DNA, as an essential genetic macromolecule and also a generic construction material, has provided unique multifunctionality and programmability for the development of novel hydrogels. Design and preparation of DNA hydrogels have since become an extremely attractive research area because there are exciting possibilities including unexpected properties and functions. This project aims to develop DNA hydrogels with fascinating performance by employing interdisciplinary methodology combing chemical and biological ways, from polymeric to enzymatic techniques. Real-world applications of these novel DNA hydrogels will be explored.

DNA hydrogels

Possible Courses

Course number Course title
BEE 4570 Biorobotics
CHEM 3600 Honors Organic Chemistry II
MSE 5210 Properties of Solid Polymers