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Building a better intestinal model

Project Advisor
Professor John March -

Project Area/Concentration
In vitro tissue models

Project Description
The intestinal tract serves as a primary vehicle for exposing humans and other animals to their surroundings. Technically, the length of the GI tract is outside the body and therefore has many mechanisms of both interacting with and protecting against the outside world. Research in understanding the GI tract and the microorganisms that live along its length is limited to animal and very simple in vitro models. This project will work on building a more realistic intestinal model, complete with the peristaltic motions that allow intestinal content to move through the body and that also serve to protect the host from bacterial invasion. Students with interests in mechanical models, the computer/model interface and intestinal biology should consider applying.

Possible Courses

Course number Course title
BEE 4500 Bioinstrumentation
BME 5390 Biomedical Materials and Devices for Human Body Repair
BME 5850 Current Practices in Tissue Engineering
BIOMG 4320 Survey of Cell Biology