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Building an annotated video repository of the physics, chemistry and microbiology of complex food processes

Project Advisor
Professor Ashim Datta -

Project Area/Concentration
Database, Visualization, Animation, Crowdsourcing, Complex Systems

Project Description
Short, concise and annotated video are an effective medium to convey complex ideas to its audience. This project aims to employ the convenience of such a medium to illustrate critical scientific insights into the visual changes occurring during a food processing operation. The central idea is to build a crowdsourced video repository which includes video demonstration and synchronized text-based annotations from the scientific community on the physics, chemistry and biology of the changes that occur in a food during its processing. The challenges in implementing a crowdsourced video system are numerous: How should the platform incentivize submissions and bootstrap a community around the site? What sorts of adjudication, annotation, and tagging are necessary for the user-contributed content, and how can that be scaled up? How does a site encourage a broad collection of users to contribute useful knowledge for a variety of levels of expertise? We already have a working prototype but we are looking for major enhancements in all areas.

Possible Courses
Transport Processes and Computation

Course number Course title
BEE 3500 Heat and Mass Transfer in Biological Engineering
BEE 4530 Computer-Aided Engineering: Applications to Biological Processes
BEE 6880 Applied Modeling and Simulation for Renewable Energy Systems
CEE 6720 Introduction to Finite Element Method
CHEME 7130 Chemical Kinetics and Transport
CS 4210 Numerical Analysis and Differential Equations
MAE 6230 Computational Fluid Dynamics
MAE 6510 Advanced Heat Transfer

Food Science and Biological Engineering

Course number Course title
BIOMI 6905 Prokaryotic Biology: Bacterial Pathogenesis
FDSC 4230 Food Processing A: Unit Operations and Food Packaging
FDSC 4250 Unit Operations and Dairy Foods Processing
FDSC 6650 Food and Bioprocessing Systems

Computer Science courses will be decided in consultation with Professor Datta and his CS colleague.