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Alumni Profiles

Student:  Yolanda Tseng, BE'03

Major: Biological Engineering with a minor in Biomedical Engineering
Currently:  in MD/PhD program in Medicine and Biomedical Engineering at Harvard University

In High School, I enjoyed math and science, and, more importantly, I liked being able to apply what I learned. Science unfolded before me not only as a representation of nature’s elegant simplicity, but also as a challenge to channel nature’s power into innovative solutions relevant to our lives. Therefore, studying biological engineering seemed a logical next step. ~~ I found Cornell and the BEE program a resource-rich environment. The flexibility of the program suited my several interests. As a sophomore I joined Prof Luo’s lab. It was a pivotal experience, as it opened me to the possibility of pursuing research and academia as a career.  More important than the facts I learned in my classes, I was taught how to critically think about problems. I believe this arose form my multi-disciplinary experiences in the class and in the lab. It is something I still use today as a medical student, and something I believe I will continue to use in the future as a physician. The mentorship I received was invaluable and ultimately shaped my current path. I was encouraged to pursue my immediate interests while focusing on the bigger picture. ~~ As I finish my last year of medical school, I am reminded how much I draw from my undergraduate training. My medical training program encourages us to think critically. I think trained engineers with research experience approach medical problems from a different perspective. We learn based on our curiosity of why and how certain things happen.